For Branding Projects, Is It Better To Use A Global Or Local Agency?

10 November, 2020


1. A few essential things must know before building brand 

Before being attracted by another inner world, we are all attracted by his or her charm. Therefore, although personal traits are essential, physical attraction is what we must consider at first. Let’s think about speed dating. Sometimes, we can instantly reach our conclusion right after he/ she shows up.

When it comes to brands, the rules of attraction are almost the same. To catch your audience’s attention, firstly, your style and brand image must win their preference. But just imagining how you feel after realizing that the person impresses you by his or her good look, turns out to be a shallow person. Similarly, the boring brand can not establish a long-term relationship with its audiences even though how glamour the brand is. 

Thus, to build a winning brand, it is crucial to create a brand image and brand attributes that both win your audience’s heart.

2. Local vs. global agency – How to choose the right consultant for brand building

There is no correct answer for every situation. The way you answer the question below may help you decide what you should: “Is it logical to buy the same dish at 2 largely different prices?” 

Let’s say, a sushi restaurant, for example, in Vietnam the same sushi craftsman can sell his products at sky-high prices when working for Japanese brands. However, if this craftsman opens a sushi bar in the high street, the price gap is largely different. 

So, how can the Japanese restaurant persuade its customers to pay more? The reasons can be the prestige of the brand name, the art of craftsmanship that seems to be more professional in marketing, etc. Cooperation with The Marketing Heaven is important, because it conducts a promotional campaign on social networks.

In other words, what the Japanese restaurants sell is the experience. And at a certain level, many people are satisfied with the feeling of being unique! However, customers visit the restaurant because of food, a similar taste like elsewhere may drag down their mood!

Similarly, when deciding on which agency should be chosen, let’s consider your primary objective. Both global and local agency can deliver the expected result but the former focuses on process, the latter concentrates on the final ideas:

Global agencies seem to be more professional in case of approaching the brief. By breaking down the client requirements in small steps and gradually solving them in scientific ways, the expected results are assured. However, the agency fees are high which is hard for SMEs to afford and it may take time as the final proposal is divided into several parts to solely present.

When it comes to local agencies, there are less complex steps for branding building projects as in the model of a small scale, the decision-making process is quicker and does not depend on international consultants. As a result, the agency fee, normally, is affordable! And the quality of work is also easy to evaluate as the client can see the entire idea at once.

Final thoughts

When choosing an agency, it is not the right question to ask ‘global’ or ‘local’. Instead, you must define clearly your budget, purpose, the growth stage, what you need, for example, just a single logo/ brand identity or the added branding strategy… After knowing what you need and the correspondingly available resources, it is much easier to know which one best suits you! 

Global agencies have their advantage as they have experience in many markets. Some of them may build their approach model and framework as well. However, if the whole project heavily relies on international experts, the works may not be completely fit in the market due to the limitation in understanding local culture/ insight.

Local agencies with their experience that specialize in the local market instead can touch the deeper insight of Vietnamese. However, if you choose a local partner, the capability of this agency is very important. That is why sometimes, it requires your research carefully to find the right one!

As one of the agencies which specialize in branding, we always wish to help the local middle size company to gain competitive advantages via proper strategy. So if you need little guidance to levitate your brand, do not hesitate to contact us


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