7 June, 2021


Kaylee is a young fashion startup specialised in shoew and accessories. Unlike other startups, they knew from the beginning that in order to prosper in fashion industry they needed a well thought out and invested brand strategy.


Since the brand targeted working proffessionals, Wisdom believed the best brand proposition should be comfort. Wisdom Agency also executed the brand strategy primarily on digital platform to approach the right target groups with a friendly tone of voice.

On fanpage of Kaylee, all images were designed by Wisdom, including the images for social posts on fanpage, cover, avatar of Facebook, the new collections as well as PR banners etc, … The concepts and visuals are also various, such as PNG, GIF or video to target office ladies. Kaylee’s designs were primarily focused on pastel colors and plain backgrounds.


  • Increased 5,042 fans.
  • 46,676 fans engagements.
  • Over 2,3 millions users reached.
  • 214,511 traffics were pulled to Kaylee website.



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