Mai Linh Logistic

7 June, 2021


In the delivery and shipping market, almost every major player focuses on standardized shipment, the heavier segment (over 30kg) remains an opportunity for newcomers because: the small & hi-tech players do not have enough facilities or expansion budget to serve this new demand, meanwhile, the traditional big brands are too complicated and slow to make a change. Mai Linh has unique advantages which allow them to tap into this potential yet unexploited market. 


Building a long-term brand strategy and brand identity for Mai Linh Logistic. 

Scope of work

  • Consulting brand strategy: brand architecture, value statement, brand idea, brand message, brand personalities, brand belief.
  • Building brand identity: Logo, brand colors, art direction, brand pattern, typography, application to publications.


  • Successfully applied brand architecture for Mai Linh Logistic as an umbrella brand. 
  • Successfully developing the “Safe – Fast – Save” position for market penetration phase in the market with the mission “Becoming the top 10 logistics companies providing leading logistics services by 2025 through the application of technology – innovation in the Vietnam delivery service industry in the segment of 30 kg and above”.
  • Completing the Mai Linh Logistic brand identity system.


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