7 June, 2021


Malefix is ​​an affordable line of daily underwear for guys. Malefix’s objective is to transform Vietnamese men’s perceptions about underwear to make them more trendy.


Men don’t care and are a little sloppy when it comes to underwear. As a result, Wisdom recognizes that educating others about this issue will be ineffective. Instead, we want to be more fascinating while being courteous by imitating the exquisite style of French males.


Social media content and communication activities use a clever and simple voice to produce fun, capturing the attention of young clients. All following advertising initiatives were a huge success, with fantastic returns.

By the beginning of 2018, we had achieved:

  • Interact with 116,904 people.
  • Reaching 3 million people,
  • 30,548 users moved to the Mâlefix website.
  • Nearly half a million video views on Facebook.


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