One Road

10 November, 2020


One Road Publishing (ORP) is a newly established business entity in Vietnam focusing on financial news to guide the Western investors through clutter. Of course, this is strategic partnership in which we build everything from scratch.


We immediately realized what ORP needed was a fully digitalised business operations system with priorities of content planning and digital marketing. Since our audiece is niche and recurring, the business model also requires a certain level of automation to shorten the time gap between each engagement and increase the personalization of content.

Scope of work

Branding: a entirely new brand identity system was created, based on the inspiring story of the Acient Silk Road which connected the East and West

Marketing: performance marketing with regional scale was what they needed. The marketing focused heavily on social media and search optimisation to collect and optimised for better leads

Tech: website with a light-speed content uploading and management. The site also came handed with the integrated email and media automation which extracted data from multiple channels to solidify single customer portraits which further generate better action.


We are still on the progress to achieve the first 10,000 subscribers for the year 2017 but so far so good.



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