7 June, 2021


Belong has an impressive brand identity but has not built a meaningful brand concept.

The motifs and publications that do not have a rationale to explain and associate with the brand, are also generic.


Belong’s business model is relatively new and different from other housing brands on the Vietnam market. Wisdom has proposed the overall message and communication activities towards a community with different, diverse, and high-class lifestyles coming together in Belong.

Belong’s differences and strengths are expressed through images and content that exude a youthful, dynamic, and modern spirit.

Then digital activities strongly promote to the exact target audience and get effective growth results.

Scope of work

  • Microsite
  • Social management
  • GDN
  • PR


  • Facebook page reach: 178.124
  • Engagement: more than 24..000 per month
  • Obtaining 280 leads equates to meeting 185 percent of the KPI.


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