“In today’s world of imbalance between supply and demand, businesses hardly can compete simply by the functional benefits of their products and services. Thus, branding is not a choice but a must for long-term growth. Furthermore, a good brand strategy not only enhances the product or service’s competitive edge but also contributes financially to the business’s equity. At Wisdom Agency, we offer a complete brand management services from visual identity to brand performance evaluation. Exclusive methodology is our competitive edge, drawn from the Sand Clock Strategy (SCS) system and globally accepted toolkits such as Interbrand’s Impact Model, Kapferer’s Brand Prism at our disposal. Wisdom Agency is a fine blend of global knowledge and local insights distilled over multiple years of collaborating with international organisations to serve large domestic corporations in Vietnam. Our regional outreach is also a nicely added advantage for those companies who wish to expend beyond local markets and vice versa.”


In the era of digitalisation, communications as we knew it has long been taken a different form. The new 2 Cs of modern communications with “Creativity” still playing a key role in the success of a communications campaign and “Connectivity” of offline and online channels to ensure maximal effect delivered to the audience and accordingly change their behaviours.

At Wisdom Agency, communications campaigns are planned on the brand platform and for the end goal of conversion. We are keen on providing consultancy of marketing communications based on a long-term view with a set of consecutive campaigns that drive sales and increase brand value. By our own unique set of techniques and tools in The Sand Clock System, we deploy more digital trends and platforms into our communications planning process to attain accurate KPIs for business. Wisdom is a perfect mix of the old-school creativity and contemporary connectivity to ensure communications campaigns are both meaningful and measurably effective. Our communications service is ideal for those brands that wish to change the status quo of industries, but also want to preserve the core values of the historical business. What is the equilibrium? We are here to find it out - together.  
Inbound marketing is a new marketing methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. While outbound marketing interrupts your audience with content they may not want, inbound marketing forms connections with customers by providing the content tailored to them and automates the process by applying compatible digital tools.

At Wisdom Agency, we have taken inbound marketing as one of our core services because we believe inbound methodology is necessary for enterprises operating in B2B sector as well as high-value product B2C to thrive in the 21st century. From internal resource planning ERP to external customer-facing CRM, these softwares are no sufficient to create competitive edge for enterprise in this fast-pacing digital world. Incorporating inbound marketing into your business is not an option, but a must.

Wisdom Agency was certified by Hubspot in 2019 and since then have helped multiple businesses to transform their marketing by embracing the inbound methodology, serving their customers better and converting more leads. We are a one-stop-shop agency that provides both outbound and inbound marketing services for a company with truly integrated marketing approach. Outbound and inbound combined? Truly integrated marketing indeed!
In today’s world, the concept of digitalisation has advanced so fast that it often overwhelms businesses that are slow to adopt its latest application or invest in technology without strategic planning beforehand. In this global pandemic era, never this has been more true. At Wisdom Agency, optimizing website and integrating it with other digital platforms to generate leads is not digital strategy, neither social content nor digital KPIs. We define digital strategy as a continual transformation process from offline to online that is aligned to business strategy with objectives and priorities for each phase, which are measurable and achievable. Any service whether it is simple as a website, digital media or digital performance, our wide range of expertise and strategic focus ensure that they are all in line with a single digital strategy from the very start. As a digital award winning agency, Wisdom Agency sets the benchmarks for the industry’s transparency, authenticity and effectiveness. Digitalisation is no longer an edge; it is must! And we have that covered so that our clients can set their minds free of such threat and focus on matter that is much more important to them - their customers.