MaiLinh Corporation

7 June, 2021


As one of the leading corporations whose services focus on inland transportation, Tet is the busiest time of Mai Linh group. Therefore, as a custom, every year, Mai Linh always celebrates the Lunar New Year early to motivate its staff who rarely stay at home during Tet. In 2021, not only encourage the staff to keep working during Tet, Mai Linh Group also wants to show gratitude and give a thank you message to every member who chooses to stay with Mai Linh during the pandemic crisis despite short term financial difficulties. As a result, Mai Linh has sought a strategic partner to help them celebrate this internal meaningful campaign.


Building the internal communications campaign with supporting activities which aim to connect people and give new year gifts to thank for their devoting. Besides, a large number of marketing materials are designed to highlight the campaign key theme as well as support the year end events.


Proposing the internal communication plan and supporting Mai Linh Group to actualize the campaign; designing marketing materials related to Tet like red envelope, gift box, event backdrop, and a set of design for key activities.


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