MaiLinh Logistics

7 June, 2021


Mai Linh Logistic is a brand inside the Mai Linh Group ecosystem that has inherited the parent brand’s potential. As a result, the brand’s long-term ambition is to rank among the top ten logistics organizations in the world by 2025, with a comprehensive service network.


Wisdom focuses on the 30-kg-plus transport segment. From this point on, Mai Linh Logistic positions itself as a freight solution that utilizes flexible technologies to clients’ transportation demands.

Communication message: “Nhanh vượt bậc, cỡ nào cũng giao” adapt to content routes, and run digital ads on multiple platforms.

Scope of work

  • Website
  • Video production
  • Photoshot
  • PR
  • Blog
  • Social content
  • Advertising


Increased social media reach by 155%. At the same time, outperform the KPI in comparison to the original plan.


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