NovaWorld Hồ Tràm

7 June, 2021


Novaworld Ho Tram introduces the sixth subdivision: Long Island – the only place in Ho Tram has a private yacht dock and a “sea-forest-lagoon” nature setting. ​

Long Island needs a suitable communication strategy to differentiate itself on the market, highlight the location’s strengths, and reach the high-end target audience through digital platforms.


Long Island came up with the creative idea of “luxury American lifestyle” to turn up the luxury and class.

However, the American lifestyle is over-communicated in the resort segment in particular, and real estate market in general. So our aim was to define Long Island’s American style and how it differs from others.

In contrast to most American lifestyles, which are defined as modern, vibrant, luxurious, flashy, or unique and upper-class. Wisdom provides clients with another value: a lifestyle inspired by the freedom of the American island lifestyle.

Novaworld Ho Tram – Long Island requires a more unique, distinct, and genuine approach to the target client group’s insights.

Scope of work

  • Channel strategy planning
  • Social media content strategy
  • Graphic design


  • Reaching over 7 million Facebook reach equates to exceeding 126% of the initial KPI.
  • Reaching 2,388,447 views, equivalent to 615% KPI and 17,499 clicks through the campaign’s media channels.
  • Received 17,499 clicks to the landing page through media channels.


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