Toeic Master

11 November, 2022
    • Situation

    Even though TOEIC MASTER has been developing effectively in the North market, entering the South presents many powerful competitors, like VUS, ILA,…, making it even harder to stand out in the eyes of the public. 

    The problem posed to TOEIC MASTER is: 

    • What is the ideal value proposition to create a new positioning for the TOEIC MASTER brand? 
    • Which positioning will be consistent with the branding orientation and set you out from other market competitors? 
    • From the new value proposition and positioning, how have the content orientation and design orientation changed?  
    • Solution

    Differentiating the TOEIC Master brand with the meaning of “MASTER”: Overcome – Conquer – Master.

    Creating a journey, clarifying the message you want to convey: helping students in all stages of the journey, from mastering basic English skills to conquering the TOEIC test, to serve their lives or those who need them for their dream job.

    • Scope of work

    • Consulting brand strategy: brand architecture, value statement, brand idea, brand message, brand personalities, brand belief.
    • Building brand identity: Logo, brand colors, art direction, brand pattern, typography, application to publications.
    • Result

      • Successfully developing the big idea “MASTER TOEIC – MASTER LIFE”, based on the customer’s desire to be able to use their English skills outside of the classroom, at work, and in daily life. They demand more than just a certificate that can be applied in the real world.
      • About the meaning of the TOEIC Master logo:
    • Icon: Use “negative space” to show the image of the road to success, mastering the future in the stylized 2 letters “T” and “E”.
    • Color: using 3 main colors inspired by the flags and symbols of the US and UK countries.
    • Fonts: To convey the tough, strong, and serious brand image, the brand name is stylized from Gotham font with bold strokes. 
    • Complete the Brand Guideline for TOEIC Master brand.