7 June, 2021


VFM was launching new financial products called Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) with the intent to make it as easy as possible to the non-investor people.


Beside a new brand just launched, what more the company needed was to get closer to customers in a way that was formal yet friendly to increase brand preference. For financial sector which is heavily ROI-driven, the company’s boards also required a short-term effective approach with effective turnaround for marketing budget spend and returns.

Scope of work

Communications: a new sub-brand for SIP was invented – the VF-iSaving, together with communication campaign to launch the new product. The voice was best tuned for audience which was working professionals, not investors by the earthly defined term of investments. Also, it was based primarily on performance marketing to monitor and nurture qualified leads

Content: executed on social platform of Facebook, the content plan spoke the language of daily life, not investment. The strategy positioned Facebook’s fanpage as the content hub for learning about the new concept of “financial freedom” and how to achieve it through rigorous periodical investment commitment
Media: excuted on Facebook, search engines of Google and media display platforms, all traffic was driven back to website and landing page of registration for tracking and further offline consultancy

UX & UI Optimisation: furthermore, we POW also consulted the website design in order to achieve higher conversion rate by improve goal setting for analytics and friendlier user inteface and sitemap. The work is on progress.


VFM is now the #1 investment fund in the market. During the campaign, Wisdom Agency and VFM achieved
– More than 16,500 fans and followers on Facebook.
– Reach up to 2 million users.
– More than 1000 potential customers.


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