Edutalk 2.
11 November, 2022
  • Situation

EduTalk is an educational ecosystem for scheduling classes that best meet students’ needs. In order to directly offer suitable educational solutions for students, Edutalk also shares ownership of prestigious education brands. The brand architecture of Edutalk consists of:

  • EduTalk: Learning Service Connection Platform 
  • Ecoach: Live learning platform
  • TOEIC Keypass: TOEIC Learning Program 
  • IELTS Mentor: IELTS Learning Program 
  • GenZ: Dermatoglyphics 
  • Eduteacher: A Network of Tutors

As the business model is being created and improved, Edutalk’s objective for 2022 is to standardize market operations in order to offer clients the greatest services and experiences. Building a comprehensive brand strategy for the complete brand system is one of the key components to ensuring coherence from identity to experience at all customer touchpoints.

  • Solution

  • Synchronously apply 3C MODEL for the brand ecosystem (EduTalk, Ecoach, IELTS Mentor, TOEIC Keypass).
  • Renew the brand strategy of EduTalk to create a strong foundation to adjust or develop a corresponding strategy for its sub-brands. 
  • Scope of work

  • Brand repositioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Integrated Brand Management 
  • Result

Building and renewing the respective brand strategy and new strategy adapted for its sub-brand: 

  • Ecoach (Product brand)
  • IELTS Mentor (Product brand)
  • TOEIC Keypass (Product brand)

Successfully repositioning the EduTalk brand in the market with the big idea “More than just talk” with the mission “Develop the country’s education to its most advanced education in the world.”

Internal communication messages “Together our fleet advances” is the link between the big idea and the employees to create a close coordination and connection.