IELTS Mentor

11 November, 2022
    • Situation

    IELTS Mentor started their business in the North with certain achievements. They want to turn the business model Southward. Upon entering the new market, there are many big rivals in the new market, such as VUS, ILA, and British Council, among others. As a result, the challenge for IELTS Mentor is to gain a piece of the competitive “cake” market share by distinguishing the unique selling points of the IELTS Mentor from others for the South market in particular and the Vietnamese market in general.

    • Solution

    Based on the insight that “Those who have, are, and will be learning IELTS, IELTS is a difficult language qualification in terms of knowledge and requires all four skills. While practicing, they might easily get lost when they can’t help themselves with a clear learning path, the appropriate learning method, and motivation. Therefore, they need a mentor to accompany, help, and assist them in the right way so that their concerns will be at ease while practicing IELTS”. Since then, Wisdom Agency has chosen to position IELTS Mentor as a mentor, encouraging students to approach IELTS in a clear but fascinating and simpler way, hence fostering excitement in review. With the above positioning, IELTS Mentor has increased market awareness as well as customer trust in the brand.

    • Scope of work

    • Building brand strategy
    • Building brand identity 
    • Content strategy planning
    • Digital marketing 
    • Result

      • Art direction: IELTS Mentor uses the image of a close, friendly, not too professional, serious, and formal expert to suit the target audience (18–24 years old) and clearly demonstrate the educational element of the IELTS English Center.
    • Content direction

    Positioned as a “mentor”, the writing style that Ielts Mentor uses will

    • Flexibility: do not simply rely on one type of teaching; flexible writing style based on each customer and topic presented.
    • Suggestive: Encourage creativity and open thinking, and boost learners’ ability to proactively and openly express their opinions.
    • Systematic: State the goals, strategies, and reasons for sharing, encouraging, and advising clearly.