Nova 2.
11 November, 2022
    • Situation

    NovaGroup is Vietnam’s leading economic development and investment corporation, principally engaged in Services – Technology – Industry. With over 10,600 hectares of land bank, Novaland has focused on developing three key product lines, including: Residential Real Estate, Hospitality Real Estate, and Industrial Real Estate. Through a journey of 30 years of establishment and development, Novaland currently owns a portfolio of more than 50 projects with trend-leading projects and products in Residential Real Estate and large-scale Residential Hospitality Real Estate.

    Since 2015 till now, Wisdom Agency has been on the shortlist of agencies of NovaLand assisting the company in marketing and digital planning for a variety of projects which include both resorts and residential properties.

    • Solution

    Wisdom Agency has a long history of involvement with the real estate market shaping and defining the ways marketing is performed in such a particular industry. Early in 2015, when leads and qualified leads were still new concepts in marketing with no defined definitions, Wisdom Agency was one of a few agencies that pioneered the process of defining and applying these concepts in Vietnam, particularly in the fiercely contested real estate industry. We successfully defined the standardised Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) as conventional understanding for performance agencies and real estate across multiple projects Wisdom Agency has worked on with Novaland. Wisdom Agency has worked with Novaland on a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) basis for residential projects and branded content management for resort real estate since then. Prospects who express interest in the projects and are willing to visit the sales galleries are defined as MQLs for residential properties.

    Moving on to the next stage of market evolution alongside the increase in lifestyle and income of Vietnamese, the premium and branded residences have been on the rise with the participation of internationally renowned brands such as Marriott in this segment. Marketing practices in real estate therefore have shifted from performance marketing to branded marketing to justify the premium nature of such expensive properties. Wisdom Agency was once again one step ahead of the majority when we decided to shift our focus from performance marketing to this new demand of premium service by offering integrated brand, communications, and content services, designed specifically for luxury property segments. Because of this, we have obtained contracts in the resort category of Novaland – Novaworld – and worked with them throughout the launch and completion of various projects. As early as 2022, Wisdom Agency has managed branded content for Novaland because we understand how important it is to the target audience of the ultra-rich individuals who can afford these luxury properties and have an exquisite taste of content as well as media habit unlike the general public.

    Our cooperation throughout the years has been immense, and Wisdom Agency has had a chance to work with NovaLand on multiple projects, including but not limited to Sunrise Riverside, The Grand Manhattan and the latest one – Novaworld Ho Tram. 

    • Scope of work 

    Brand strategy and execution

    Content management

    Digital media planning


    Online PR

    • Result

    The length of our collaboration demonstrates the quality and commitment of our services. This client highly praises Wisdom Agency for its exquisite taste for premium branded content development for luxury resort estates, complemented also by precise digital planning and management capabilities.