7 June, 2021

The week’s ice-cream flavor



The company was started in 1948 by Earle Swensen, who learned to make ice cream while serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Swensen opened his first shop at the corner of Union and Hyde Streets, along the cable car tracks in Russian Hill in San Francisco, offering his ice cream as “Good as Father Used to Make”, little did he realize that Swensen’s would be today, a name synonymous with extraordinary delicious ice cream the world has ever known.

Since then, more than 180 flavors of ice cream have been created and enjoyed by both young and old, making Earle Swensen’s “America’s Ice Cream Man”. Ice cream lovers certainly agreed because today, there are over 300 Swensen’s ice cream outlets all over the world including Asia, the Middle East, the USA, and South America. 

Vietnam got the scoop and welcomed Swensen in 2010, the first store located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. 


Understanding that ice cream is more than just a summer treat; it can be comfort food for everyone on any given day, Wisdom Agency has proposed and executed Swensens in 6 months to direct social media content and follow-up campaigns.

Using the first syllable of Swensens, come up with an idea for a Swenday event with “Buy 1 get 1” on every Tuesday, run through the Swensen’s restaurant chain to encourage in-store purchases.

Scope of work

Social media management


Swenday’s ideas on social media brought significant sales results in Swensen’s store. These activities support Swensen’s long-term growth by reassuring people with the toothsome flavour of the US.


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