10 November, 2020


NCB had been through a transformation via acquisition. The bank needed a new brand strategy that truly can speak for what they are also a commnications plan that follow and support trade activities at branches and internaly.


What the bank needs is clear guidance of how to communicate the new brand effectively to all marketing staff and employees, making it easy to understand. In order to achieve that, brand terms needed to be translated into normal language for each silos of the bank and trained along the way of daily work.

Scope of work

Branding: After the visual re-branding, a brand strategy is also in place to ensure harmony of the brand identity and brand language. Executing NCB brand strategy is not just about defined elements of how it look, it’s also about how to make NCB appealing to customer via consistent brand language and communications

Marketing: A general concept for the whole year 2017 and the years to come was crated after intensive interview with interal stakeholders to suport and build brand values


We established brand preference of NCB as a digital bank for Vietnamese which is truly personalised and smart. The brand strategy was also able to correct the mis-conception of NCB of being a foreign bank.



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