The Pizza Company

7 June, 2021


Founded in 1981, The Pizza Company – an American Italian-inspired restaurant chain based in Thailand has been expanding its restaurants and franchise system worldwide. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Minor International – one of the leaders in the premium food and hospitality industry in Asia. 


In 2013, The Pizza Company launched its very first restaurant in Vietnam. Together with the open trading trend, The Pizza Company is one of the pizza brands that have significant development in Vietnam. They are famous for great delicious Seafood Deluxe Pizza, with chunky toppings, the signature fullest filling, the premium selective cheese, and the fabulous taste that is tailored for Vietnamese customers. In 2016, The Pizza Company wanted to launch the 22nd store in Hau Giang (District 6, HCMC) to increase awareness and attract more customers to experience the restaurant chain. 


The Pizza Company’s brand was principally influenced by the refined Italian culinary style and an understanding of Asian culinary preferences. The Pizza Company uses fresh tomato sauce, premium mozzarella cheese, and oregano to emphasise its “Italian” flavour. This distinguishes The Pizza Company from well-established pizza brands in the metropolitan market.

The Pizza Company has implemented a market expansion strategy as part of its business plan in order to increase brand awareness of the Italian flavour and acceptance of the company’s brand and differentiation with which frequent opening of new stores is crucial to the success of this business model.

The opening of a Hau Giang store is one example. The grand opening operation highlights the differences between opening a store in Hau Giang and other locations. Local adaptation is required in each district. Hau Giang street is densely populated by F&B brands and street food vendors. To distinguish itself from the competition, TPC employed location-based marketing tactics distributing coupons at nearby condo and apartment complexes to encourage family visits, as this store is designed for large gatherings of children. This segmentation is defined as neat and penetrable in TPC’s strategy in this location to ensure successful implementation.

In Addition to that, TPC also has promotion to win the hearts of customers who seek discounts and price incentives. The Pizza Company Hau Giang applies “Buy one, get one” promotion for pizzas of size M and larger, it makes sense for customers to receive the same-sized classic pizza flavour line.

The plan is to attract attention to the launch of The Pizza Company Hau Giang by creating social media engagements and games to interact with current and potential customers with the “Buy 1 Get 1” promotion for online registration and offline purchase, as well as additional games.

Scope of work

Social media 

Interactive activities (game)

Store opening


The campaign met The Pizza Company’s goal of raising awareness by earning 7,675 engagements and 10,579 website views. On the launching day, there were 4,511 registrations for the promotion code, both online and offline, leading to in-store direct purchases.


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