7 June, 2021


In Vietnam, FSI is the number one brand for digital conversion, with a strong reputation for the digitalization of the documentation process. FSI seeks to take advantage of the digital transformation movement during the Covid period to enter the market that already has many “big players” by launching a new product WEONE – a program for automating procedures and work.

Thus, WEONE will need a good positioning and communication plan to exploit this digitalization trend.


Even though digital transformation was a hot topic during the isolation period, only a small percentage of businesses implemented it. Businesses are hesitant to alter after bad experiences in the past and are more cautious because of the epidemic’s financial situation.

The industry’s specifics require trust and a lengthy period of learning and trying before making a decision rather than relying solely on feelings. As big players roll out trial and support plans – in which the 1st year is a free trial – the market becomes more competitive.


Implementing inbound and outbound marketing strategies simultaneously. Outbound marketing is used to raise brand awareness, acquire leads, and aid inbound marketing efforts. The goal of inbound marketing is to take care of potential audiences and naturally attract them through relevant content and products.

Connect with the appropriate partners for product integration and audience cross-mining.

Scope of work

  • Create a positioning plan.
  • Create a landing page and a video to demonstrate the products
  • Create a media plan, public relations strategy, and multi-channel digital implementation.
  • Create and launch a webinar script
  • Product integration and cross-selling connections


  • 310 leads in 4 months.
  • Qualified lead achieves a ratio of 130/310, 42%.


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